What is an Adande™ Fridge and Freezer Unit?

Why are Adande™ Units the Most Sustainable Fridge and Freezer Solution?

  • Cold air stays with the food in an Adande™ . In conventional cabinets the cold air falls out at every opening; that lost cold air is replaced by hot moist kitchen air that then has to be cooled down again.
  • An Adande™ delivers savings of 40 - 60% and even more on energy bills. In working kitchens, side by side metered energy tests demonstrate significant savings over conventional cabinets. The insulated parts on an Adande™ are replaceable and the other parts are recyclable. Because of the integrated construction of the foamed insulated parts on a typical conventional cabinet, as produced by all other manufacturers, the whole cabinet sadly must go to landfill when it fails.
  • Access to food in an Adande™ is simple, quick and easy. Conventional cabinets need to be much larger to provide a comparable ease of access and storage capacity.
  • An Adande™ doesn’t need ice for fish storage eliminating the need to purchase or make your own flaked ice.
  • Food spoilage is reduced, wastage is minimized, and storage times can be increased without affecting quality. Food simply lasts longer and in a superior condition, helping the bottom line as a result.

Only Adande Has Hold The Cold Technology

The Ultimate Flexible Kitchen Solution

Is it a fridge? Is it a freezer? Each Adande™ is both and it can be a blast chiller too!
An Adande™ is totally unique. There is no other fridge or freezer solution like it. At the push of a button you can change your Adande™ in 1°F increments, to whatever temperature you need, from +59°F (+15°C) to -7.6°F (-22°C). An Adande™ can change to suit the menu, it can change to suit the season, it can change to suit all your needs.

Right where you need it…
Most chefs want their fridges and freezers as close to the cookline as possible. They want to avoid pacing the length and breadth of the kitchen, fetching ingredients.
Easier access to contents and greater capacity, right at the point of use are two of the genuine ergonomic benefits that Adande™ users enjoy.

Clearly, with conventional cooling solutions this is not possible. The blasting heat from the charcoal grill, the burst of heat from the oven range, and the intensity of heat from the induction hob replaces the cold air in the conventional unit every time it is opened. Not with the modular Adande™ . Our units will still maintain their temperatures, they will not lose cold air, they will not suffer condensation or freezer burn no matter where they are placed. And that includes being situated directly underneath the heat source.

Built to Last, Inexpensive to Maintain

Designed to perform in demanding environments, all components are built to last.

Adande’s unique design features - the insulated drawer bin, protected and warranted seals, robust construction and low velocity cooling, all reduce the strain on the compressor, making the Adande™ reliable and requiring little maintenance.

The unit is constructed using food grade stainless steel. The drawer runners, being external to the insulated drawer bin, are immensely strong, having been tested to half a million movements. Caterers know that their Adande™ will not fail, even in the hottest and busiest kitchen, and in the hottest countries and climates too.

The condenser air intake grill is located inside the cabinet, and owing to Adande’s ingenious airflow system, airborne contaminants drop out before reaching the air intake grill. Breakdowns from blocked condensers are something you will never experience with your Adande™ .

Like all our customers, once you’ve used an Adande™ , you’ll wonder why fridges and freezers weren’t always made this way.

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