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Single Drawer - Built In Flat Base

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List Price: $4,300


Each drawer is switchable in minutes Accurate and stable at any temperature -7.6°F (-22°C) to +59°F (+15°C) R404a Refrigerant.


  • Convertible Refrigeration System (Refrigerator to Freezer)
  • Point-of-use Size and Design
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Patented In-drawer Cooling System
  • Removable Insulated Drawer Compartment
  • Ambient Drawer Track System
  • Full-Extension Drawer System
  • 100% Front Breathing
  • Horizontal Gasket is Out of Harms Way
  • Individual Compressor Per Drawer


Adande’s patented technology restricts cooling to the insulated container within the drawer, with low velocity cooling incrementally adjustable from 59°F (+15°C) to -7.6°F (-22°C) gently dropping air onto the contents creating the perfect micro-climate for foodstuffs. Patented horizontal magnetic seals are protected within the top of the cabinet which also houses the fans that draw warm air upward and over the evaporator for efficient heat removal, reducing humidity and saving energy.


For ease of access, on opening the drawer, all products are in full plan view. Furthermore, with the Adande design, the tracks are external to the cold insulated drawer container, offering a more reliable and durable system - one that is not prone to blocked condensers from airborne debris, which is a common problem with traditional refrigeration equipment. The drawer tracks, made from corrosion resistant coated steel, are extremely robust, having been tested with over 300,000 cycles (100 pounds test per drawer) without failure.


The Adande design allows removal of the drawer container for deep cleaning or pre-loading. The container is made from impact resistant high density ABS polyurethane plastic, which provides exceptional insulation value. Furthermore, users do not have to leave air gaps between food items in the container, unlike traditional refrigeration, where over filling results in hot spots.


The unit is fitted with an electronic controller which allows the operator, at the touch of a button, to set the temperature to freezer operation at -7.6°F (-22°C) or fridge mode, up to +59°F (+15°C)


The high grade stainless steel interior/exterior makes the cabinet robust and durable over the long term, with a beautiful finish and easy to clean and maintain surfaces.


Standard 120 volt with NEMA 5-15 cord and plug. Hard-wired plug in multi-stack applications, allows up to three units on one wall circuit.

DIMENSIONS | Elevation and Plan View

Single Drawer Unit Dimensions | Elevation and Plan View

Single Drawer Units with Flat Bases (FB) are available for built-in custom fab applications.

Side Engine Flat Base units can be fitted, cassette style, into a cook range or under-counter, to suit those designs where the kitchen equipment is mounted on a plinth, raising everything above floor level. These units are available with either solid worktops (W) or cover tops (T) providing a choice of finished heights, to best suit the design.


Code Type Finished Height Weight Loading
VCS1/HCT HIGH CASTERS 21.6” (548 mm) 0 lb (0 kg)
VCS1/CT STANDARD CASTERS 19.7” (501 mm) 0 lb (0 kg)
VCS1/SCT SMALL CASTERS 18.4” (468 mm) 0 lb (0 kg)


Temp Flexibility 7.6°F to +59°F set point by user
Operating Temp +59°F to +109.4°F
Defrost Automatic Electric
Mains 120 Vac 60 Hz
Supply Card NEMA 5-15 3 pin socket 2m length
Casing Material Foodservice grade S/S
Drawer Material ABS Plastic, Zero ODP PU foam
Max Drawer Loading 88 lb (40 kg)
Average Unit Weights 253 lb (115 kg) Single Drawer / 386 lb (175 kg) Two Drawers
Refrigerant Type HFC R404a

Climate Testing: Tested to Climate Standard 5 (104°F (40°C) and 40% relative humidity)


L D H No. of Drawers Storage (Cubic feet) Comp. Size Amp Draw (actual) Refrig. Power Usage (per day) Freezer Power Usage (per day) Volt NEMA Ship Weight
43.3” 27.6” 16.1” 1 2.8 5.4cc 5A 1.29 kw 3.43 kw 120 5-15p  


  • Drawer Dividers
  • Pan Racks
  • Pacojet Racks
  • Worktop Upstand
  • Extended Worktop
  • Insulated Container
  • Marine Edge


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